About Us

Tottenham was an ancient village first noted in written record in the Domesday Book (1086). It is now a richly diverse part of Greater London with a history of many different communities arriving and living here or moving through, indeed contemporary South Tottenham is reported to be the most ethnically-diverse area in Europe, with up to 300 languages being spoken by its residents.

Mapping Tottenham’s History aims to bring this heritage alive by producing a walking map, guided tours, exhibitions and this site, an on line photo archive This is so that people living in the area can feel more at home because they know more about the history of where they are living. It aims to give people confidence to walk in their neighbourhood and find ‘hidden’ places to enjoy in what could seem an overwhelming urban landscape.

This project started in 2015 and is being led and developed by volunteers. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer – leading walks, moderating and updating this site or following up research – please contact us

This project is being delivered by the Bridge Renewal Trust as part of its Community Champions Programme and is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Bridge Renewal Trust is a charity that was founded by local people in 2009. Our vision is for a Haringey where there is no health inequality and everyone lives healthily and well all their long lives. To do this we work with people in South Tottenham on very practical ways they can improve their own health and well-being and then pass this on in their families and communities. More information (web site)

From the archaeology under our feet to the historic parks we love, from precious memories to rare wildlife… we use money raised by National Lottery players to help people across the UK explore, enjoy and protect the heritage they care about. More information (web site)